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Main sponsors

  • National Cultural Fund (Hungary)
  • Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
  • Ministry of Culture and Education (Hungary)
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Palantír Film Foundation of Visual Anthropology

Address: H-1163 Budapest, Katóka str. 46.
Tel: (+36) 20 993-4030, (+36) 1 403-0352



DocuArt Shed - Centre of Filmart

Address: IX. district. Ráday str. 18. - Erkel str. 15. (entrance from the Erkel street)


Zoltán Füredi

Zoltán Füredi (1968), festival director


Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology, Mongol Studies and Video Communication. President of Palantír Film Visual Anthropological Foundation. Film director, producer, lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences. Founding director of Dialektus Festival.



Orsolya Komlósi

Orsolya Komlósi (1970), festival coordinator


Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Italian Studies. As a member of Palantír Film Foundation participates in organizing events, making contacts, producing and distributing films. Permanent organizer of Dialektus Festival.



Andrea Pócsik, művészeti vezető





The Jury


Eddy Appels (Netherlands)


Eddy Appels (Amsterdam, 1957) is an anthropologist, media historian and documentary filmmaker. He is the president of the Dutch Foundation for Visual Anthropology and the director of Beeld voor Beeld, a yearly documentary film festival on cultural diversity which takes place in Amsterdam and Bogota. Eddy has written and lectured extensively on colonial cinema, and works as an independent documentary filmmaker for the Dutch Public Broadcasters, mainly on Jewish related subjects.



Adina Bradeanu (Romania, Great Britain)


Adina Bradeanu is currently finishing her doctoral research in Documentary Film Studies with Westminster University, London, where she also teaches on a part-time basis. She has been an editor for the Bucharest-based ProCinema monthly, served in FIPRESCI documentary juries, programmed the Romanian Film Festival in London for two years. A founding member of DocuMentor.



Csilla Kató (Romania)


Csilla Kató works with Astra Film Festival since 1998 as a programmer, member of the selection committee and organizer of special programs and workshops. Member of jury in Documadrid 2009. Assistant and producer for a number of documentary films. Coordinator of cultural anthropology Summer Schools at Central European University. Studied cultural anthropology and film studies at Eotvos Lorant University, Budapest, at London School of Economics, and at Australian National University, Canberra.



Sára László (Hungary)


Sára László graduated in film directing from the Academy of Film, Drama and Television, Budapest, Hungary. During her work as the producer's assistant in the Parisian film production company Les Films du Poisson, she's participated in the development and production of creative documentaries. She is co-founder of the Budapest based production company Campfilm, where she's produced several small fiction and documentary projects, a documentary series and has four major projects currently.



Eva Michalková (Slovakia)


Eva Michalková graduated from Film and TV Faculty of Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. Currently she is an inceptor at the Department of Art Criticism and Audiovisual Studies of VSMU and works in the editorial office of the monthly magazine Film.sk. She is the program director of the International Student Film Festival Early Melons.



András Müllner (Hungary)


András Müllner, PhD (1968) is an associate professor at the Department of Media and Communication in Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. His research field is the Hungarian neo-avant-garde art.



Bojána Papp (Hungary)


After graduating from the Academy of Film, Drama and Television, Budapest, Hungary, Bojána Papp worked for several television and radio programmes as a director and as a producer. Her second film, The TV and me, won several awards in Hungary and was broadcasted by a number of television channels. She was an organizer of EsoDoc, European Social Documentary workshop. Currently she is spending most of her time with her two babies.



Sasa Sreckovic (Szerbia )


Sasa Sreckovic is a curator of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. Manager of International Festival of Ethnological Film in Serbia. Her special interests are applied anthropology, cultural management and visual ethnography.



Márton Szirmai (Hungary)


Márton Szirmai was born in Budapest in 1977. He is an independent filmmaker, director and editor. His films explore the borderline of documentary and fiction. Recently he has worked in television productions as director and editor. He is a member of Instant Films Workshop and a long-time collaborator with Közgáz Visual Brigade. His most recent films, Lungstew (2006, 7') and The sinking village (2007, 23') have won awards at several international festivals.



Selection Comittee