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Dialëktus Fesztivál 2009

Európai Dokumentum- és Antropológiai Filmfesztivál

Budapest, 2009. március 3-8.


Festival sites in Budapest: Vörösmarty Cinema, DocuArt


Further festival sites:
2009. march 2nd - Bratislava (Sk) A4 centrum
2009. march 4-8th - Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár (RO) - Tranzit House


WATCH THE VIDEO made in the Tranzit House (Ro): here.


Screening of prize-winner films: Sunday program in Vörösmarty cinema (DOC)


On the 3rd of March 2009, Tuesday, 47 documentaries from 17 nations line up to compete for the Golden Stag Award!


For the first time, some of the competition films will also be screened in Slovakia in connection to the Azyl-Busho advertisement festival életReklám. The Bratislava audience will vote for the best student film.


Romania will see the Deep Descriptions and Student Work categories presented at the venue Tranzit House in Cluj. Audience votes are expected just as last year.


This year's retrospektive programme commemorates the life work of anthropologist Lajos Boglár.


Our professional events will be focused on the opportunities and experiences of international documentary distribution.



Ticket and pass prices

400 Ft tickets are available for each film screening block.

Passes are available for 1800 Ft valid for all screenings and events, and includes the film catalog's price.


Retrospective screenings, film premiers from our partner festivals, concerts and professional events may be visited free of charge.






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