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Main sponsors

  • National Cultural Fund (Hungary)
  • Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
  • Ministry of Culture and Education (Hungary)
  • Budapest - IX. District


Thank you for the submissions.

We have received 206 films from 27 countries for the Dialektus 2009.




Thank you for the submissions, we have received 206 films from 27 countries for the Dialektus 2009. The festival attracts more and more attention both in Hungary and throughout Europe. Our aim is to maintain our friendly and familiar approach towards the event while promoting the profile of Dialektus, encouraging the fruitful dialogue between filmmakers from both East and West, and boosting the popularity of documentaries.


Film Professionals

The festival of 2009 is crammed with professional programmes to attract festival organisers, media professionals and distributors. The event provides a great opportunity to explore the large variety of freshly-shot films, and to take part in the debates and presentations and post-screening consultations; which allow the participants to share ideas in a professionally useful and friendly dialogue. Our aim is present a wide platform of interaction between professionals from different fields, between the old experts and the young talents.




The majority of the films screened at the festival can be usefully integrated into study plans providing students with the opportunity of creative criticism and building social awareness. The organisers are happy to consult with the teachers in order to select the right films for educational purposes. We also offer discounts for school and university groups.


University Students

An international film festival should not be missed. The films broadcasted on the festival introduce you to people, places, adventures that you may never encounter anywhere else, or let you gain a different, unique insight into themes and topics that you are already familiar with. The festival offers discounts for student groups as well as a hand in finding reasonable accommodation if needed. Find out more!




Dialektus has a lot to thank to the eager but high-spirited contribution of volunteers. We are still welcoming the applications of volunteers who might like to participate in arranging a colourful, interesting and exciting international festival, and would like to meet new people, hear fascinating stories or who just simply enjoy the atmosphere of international festivals. And of course, we look forward to cooperating with our volunteer friends of previous years once more.

You can apply here: info@dialektusfesztival.hu.



In order to keep trying to raise the standard of the event year by year, we call for the generous help of sponsors. The festival is proud of its many contributors from the previous years and the joint success has been celebrated by both sides. If you and your company feels engaged in contributing to a colourful, sensitive and creative international filmfestival while advertising your company's great corporate social responsibility and enhancing its profile, we provide advertisement spots on the premises of the festival, on our homepage and on other surfaces. LET'S WORK TOGETHER! For more details please contact >>.



Application to the docu-critics workshop

Application deadline: 16th of January 2009


The Dialektus Film Festival is organizing a workshop in Hungarian language for young filmcritics and for the theoretical professionals of the future. The discourse of documentaries and the genuine perspectives of documentary critics are going to be explored throughout the training. The goal of the workshop is to train and enlist dedicated and talented professionals who have a firm grasp on theoretical, discoursive and historical aspects of the genre.

The workshop starts with 8-10 attendants and is held in Hungarian. We accept applications via e-mail. until the 16th of January.


Please attach your CV and a review of a freely chosen documentary written by you of 3-5000 letter count length.


The selected applicants (8-10 people) can participate in the training and enter the festival free. Our foundation is going to provide free accomodation during the festival for the people who live in the countryside. The leader of the workshop is György BÁRON.
The selected applicants are going to receive a confirmation letter until the 31st of January.



Film submissions

Submission closed.

Are you an independent filmmaker?
Have you made a documentary film recently?


We are looking for challenging, creative and inspiring entries for Dialektus Film Festival, 2009.


If your film deals with anthropology or aims to tell people about a particular culture or way of life then we would like to hear from you.


Competition entries should be submitted for one of the following categories:

  • Student Film Competition
  • Documentary Film Competition


Dialektus aims to screen films, which are sensitive to other cultures, films that present the world as filmmakers see it.

Dialektus is a European documentary festival, which aims to make documentary and anthropological film accessible to a wider audience, not just on T.V.

The deadline for entries is 17th October 2008.


For the attention of the notorious latecomers: it is possible to send us your application until 31th October 2008 on the understanding that you pay a default fee of 25€.
The fee is to be transferred to the Palantir Film Visual Anthropological Foundations bank account number (HU19 1359 7539 2995 1709 4011 0000). The proof of the transfer must be attached to the application


Entry form: here.





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