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Main sponsors

  • National Cultural Fund (Hungary)
  • Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
  • Ministry of Culture and Education (Hungary)
  • Budapest - IX. District

Dialëktus Festival 2008

European Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival

Budapest, 4th-9th March, 2008.


Dialëktus at the Tranzit House in Cluj (Romania)


WATCH THE VIDEO made in Tranzit House (Ro): here.


Golden Kitchen


Viva Costanza

Following the success of last year's Festival, we will screen over 80 competitive and non-competitive films made by European filmmakers.


In addition to the European Documentary Film, Ethnographical Film and Student Film Competitions, for 2008 we have added a new competitive category. Through creating a Hungarian Documentary Film category we aim to make Hungarian documentaries available to a wider international audience.



We are interested in films made with sensitivity and integrity; which represent the rich cultural diversity of Europe and beyond. We will screen competitive and non-competitive films representing the diversity of European documentary film making.


Dialektus is a place where you can meet, talk and collaborate with filmmakers, anthropologists, students and the open minded from all over Europe. Make contacts or just enjoy the atmosphere. A lively programme of events will take place over 5 days in March 2008 including talks, moderated discussions with filmmakers, retrospectives, free concerts and photography exhibitions.




OPENING CEREMONY: 4th March, Tuesday. At DocuArt (Budapest, 9th district, Erkel str. 15.)







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