• Dialektus Fesztivál 2002
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2007
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2008
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2009
  • Dialektus Fesztivál 2010



Main sponsors

  • National Cultural Fund (Hungary)
  • Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
  • Ministry of Culture and Education (Hungary)
  • Budapest - IX. District


Zoltán Füredi

Zoltán Füredi (1968), festival director


Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology, Mongol Studies and Video Communication. President of Palantír Film Visual Anthropological Foundation. Film director, producer, lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences. Founding director of Dialektus Festival.



János Domokos

János Domokos (1950), art director


Masters Degree in Hungarian Studies and Ethnography, completed major in Video Communication at Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in 1994. Has been making documentaries, anthropological and experimental films ever since. His works reflect the influence of his anthropological and ethnographical studies. In 1997, he won the grand documentary award at Hungarian Film Week. President of the Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association between 1998 and 2000. Co-founder of Dialektus Festival.



Orsolya Komlósi

Orsolya Komlósi (1970), festival coordinator


Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Italian Studies. As a member of Palantír Film Foundation participates in organizing events, making contacts, producing and distributing films. Permanent organizer of Dialektus Festival.




János Domokos ethnographer, filmmaker

Zoltán Füredi anthropologist, filmmaker

György Szeljak ethnographer

Student Film Jury

Gergely Bérczessy film critic

Katalin Ernyey anthropologist, archeologist

Zsuzsa Kozák lecturer in media studies


András Péterffy (1946), president of the jury


Film director, media researcher and university reader. Studied film direction and cinematography at the Hungarian Film Academy. Made films at the Balázs Béla Studio, Budapest Studio, Hungarian Cinema and Video Film Factory and Hungarian Television Network. Later became director of the Hungarian Cinema and Video Film Factory, chief editor of Hungarian Television Network (MTV) and founder of the Duna Television Network. Currently the leader of the Creative Media Course at Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, and guest lecturer at other universities and colleges.


András Bán (1951)


Art critic, the picture editor of Élet és Irodalom (weekly literary journal) between 1973 and 1990, worked at Magyar Nemzet (one of the largest Hungarian dailies) between 1982 and 1990, lecturer at the Faculty of Cultural and Visual Anthropology at the University of Miskolc.


Judit Klein (1970)


Degree in Biology and Chemistry, later German and Communication. From 1993 for seven years editor and presenter of the German Editorial Office of the Hungarian Radio. Gained international experience at press organisations such as Süddeutsche Zeitung and ARD radio in Munich. Currently the vice editor-in-chief of the Regional, Minority and Trans-Border Main Editorial Office of Hungarian Television.


Ákos Östör (1941)


Studied in Hungary, Australia and the USA. As an anthropological filmmaker, did field work in West-Bengal, India, Sudan and Tanzania. His innovative anthropological perspective has had a significant influence on film experts. Currently teacher of anthropology and film at the Wesleyan University. One of his most famous works is Forest of Bliss, made with Robert Gardner.


Vilmos Tánczos (1959)


Ethnographer, his main fields of research are ethnic religious beliefs, especially the sacral folklore of the Csángó people of Moldova. Besides a number of essay-selections and study anthologies, he has cooperated in many ethnographical films as a specialist advisor. The Association of Hungarian Documentary Film Directors gave the award of The Best Documentary of Year 2000 to the film As God Sees Fit..., in which he was a consultant.